Find your key contacts at Bituroad 2024 conference under one roof

Bituroad is the premier event that brings together key representatives from regional governments,
bitumen and asphalt suppliers, road maintenance and construction machinery manufacturers, bitumen and asphalt chemical providers and road constructors.

Who We Are

Bitugroup LLC is a group of professionals which are focused on marketing by innovative new methods. This company is founded in Tbilisi Georgia. Bitugroup offers the road to future by best marketing solutions.

Here Bitugroup is the main idea maker and organizer of BituRoad conference. Bitugroup tries to highlight this conference as a road to future of Bitumen and road industry in the region.

Join the Largest Bitumen Players and road industry leaders in the

Bituroad 2024

After the great experience of the first Bituroad Conference in Tbilisi with a broad international reception from different experts active in the bitumen and road industry; it is time to gather everyone in a professional environment one more time, to enable them to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead of the infrastructure field, in person.
Bituroad 2024, will focus on new technologies and sustainability in road construction and maintenance, asphalt additives, bitumen and emulsions, and contractors’ concerns regarding the latest trends and the new necessities of this field. This will also be an excellent chance for manufacturers to present their latest products and find buyers from all over the world. It would be an exceptional opportunity to enter the market of the Caucasus region, especially Georgia.

Make your brand last in minds

Who should attend?

All the professionals and experts of bitumen and road industry are more than welcome to join the event and using the business opportunities and educational aspects available, contribute in shaping the trends of the industry and play a role in paving the road to future.

  • Bitumen Suppliers/producers
Generate awareness of the quality of your products and show your potentials to get connected to right buyers.

  • Bitumen Buyers/importers
Present your needs face to face and in a friendly environment to find the best supplier and get a chance to observe the newest market trends.

  • Road Construction/Maintenance Machinery Manufacturers
Enjoy the high exposure to present new technologies and your efficient machinery and get the chance to analyze the needs of contractors and the end users.

  • Road Construction Contractors
Build a professional network and get a chance to benefit from others’ technical experiences as well as finding the right supplier of the raw material or the equipment your project needs.

  • Chemical and Asphalt Additives Manufacturers
Deliver your Ideas and new technologies in enhancing the properties of asphalt and share the new developments for the professional audience of the industry.

  • Traders, Businessmen, and industry experts
Increase the efficiency of your business and analyze the market of the region firsthand. Also, share your ideas and insights face to face with representatives of various companies active in the industry and show them what you can offer.

Why Bituroad?

Bitugroup, firmly established as the professional road construction and maintenance events organizer, is a way to be active in the ever growing market of this business and to respond positively to the present demands.

  • Expose your business effectively
  • Grow your professional network
  • Update your technical knowledge
  • Meet experts of the industry
  • Get business ideas and insights
  • Connect to the right buyer/supplier
  • Catch up with industry trends

Why Georgia?

Importance of Georgia can be discussed from 2 aspects:
1. International aspect 2. Domestic side.
1- Georgia has a strategic position in world, It’s a bridge between Asia and Europe. Georgia has the 2nd place in Europe in ease of doing business and 8th place in the most free economic countries’ list in the continent. As a result of good relationships all over the world, it also has the access to 2.3 Billion markets without any customs duty. Also Georgia focuses on comprehensive development programs relying on strong and effective infrastructure. All these, make Georgia an excellent opportunity to bring together the Bitumen and road industry. European countries' high demand for bitumen Due to changing Eastern European refineries' production procedures and the decline in VB production and eventually bitumen as well as the presence of prominent Middle Eastern producers; is an opportunity to meet strong suppliers and major consumers.
On the other hand, countries in the region, Middle East and the CIS region need road construction and maintenance machinery and chemicals to expand their infrastructures, and this is an opportunity for road equipment manufacturers and chemicals providers to introduce their products and technologies to get new market.
2- this event is a great opportunity for domestic road contractors, bitumen buyers and business men to find their key contacts under one roof, discuss with them directly and remove brokers and get the lower possible prices along with enjoying a chance to update their knowledge to the latest technologies in the industry.