Tbilisi, A bridge between Asia and Europe

Connecting East and West

Tbilisi is an economic, political and cultural center of Georgia, which offers lots of fun for locals and tourists. Georgia's ancient and vibrant capital city spreads out on both banks of the Mtkvari River, and is surrounded on three sides by mountains. The most widely accepted variant of the legend of Tbilisi's founding says that in the mid-5th century AD, King Vakhtang I Gorgasali was hunting in the heavily wooded reg Located in the Caucasus region, on the coast of the Black Sea, Georgia is geographically well positioned as a gateway between Europe and Asia. The country is perfectly situated for easy access to most major European, Central Asian and Middle Eastern markets and has free trade agreements (FTAs) with most of them. In this way, Georgia already boasts majority of the preconditions required to become a regional financial and business center.

Today, Georgia has a strong investment offer - It has a stable and growing economy, thriving cities, and competitive costs for operating business. The country is making huge amounts of investments in infrastructure and education to support tomorrow's demands of large-scale impact investments. When combined with the country’s strategic location, it’s attractions are clear to international investors. Since emerging from the collapsing Soviet Union and regaining independence in 1991, effective reforms in economic policies and governance have earned Georgia a reputation of top regional and global reformer.
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Today, stable economic development, liberal and free market oriented economic policy, only 6 types of low, flat taxes, significantly decreased number of licenses and permissions, significantly simplified administrative procedures, access to 2.3 billion consumer market through its solid FTA network including both EU and China, advantageous geographic location, well developed, integrated and multimodal transport infrastructure, educated, skilled and competitively priced workforce presents a solid ground for successful business in Georgia. The Georgian economy remains on the path of sustained economic growth. Economic output expanded by 4.7 percent in 2018, driven largely by growth in trade, hospitality & real estate, transport and financial sectors.
All the points mentioned above, clearly show that Georgia focuses on developing its infrastructure day by day and it would be a good opportunity for experts of bitumen and road industry to get more information about this market and to establish valuable connections with professionals in the industry, expanding their business network into Georgia.

Sights in Tbilisi

Old Tbilisi


The main sights of the city are clustered in the Old Tbilisi district. This area is well-known for its sulfur bathhouses fed by natural hot springs. Nearby on Shardeni Street you will find plenty of modern, popular restaurants, open air café-bars, trendy night clubs and art galleries.



Narikala Fortress can be seen from any point within Old Tbilisi. It was constructed for defense purposes in the 4th century and was considerably expanded over subsequent historical periods.

Freedom Square


Rustaveli Avenue begins at Freedom Square and extends about 1.5 kilometers. This is the center of the city, where many of the governmental, cultural and business facilities are located. Strolling down Rustaveli you can observe daily life in the city, explore shops from both international and local brands, and get something to eat.

Agmashenebeli Avenue


Agmashenebeli Avenue is one of the longest and most beautiful streets of the city. Here you can find gorgeous historic buildings, painted entryways and distinctive architectural ornaments.

Art Museum of Georgia


Located near Freedom Square, the Art Museum of Georgia is one of the most important museums in the country. There are approximately 140,000 items of art on display from various cultures and time periods.

Gabriadze Theater


Founded in 1981, it became the first Georgian puppet theater. The building is decorated with a magnificent clock tower which features a performance of figurines every day at 12:00. Address: 13 Shavteli Street

Holy Trinity Cathedral


The Trinity (Sameba) Cathedral is one of the tallest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the World. The cathedral complex includes an underground section and integrates nine chapels, various supplementary buildings, and beautiful gardens.



The Tbilisi Funicular is one of the finest examples of cable railways in the world. The railway leads to Mtatsminda- a beautiful leisure and amusement park overlooking the entire city.